Aurelien Buffet


- Date of birth: May 3rd 2001

- Nickname: Petit singe

- Nationality: French

- Home spot: La Torche

- Sponsors: Protest, After Essentials

- Surf since: 12 years (started at 5 years old)

- Favorite Trick: Barrel

Your favorite board : Pukas

- 5 things you can not separate when you travel:

  • board
  • Phone (to share my journey)
  • board shorts
  • poncho
  • earphones

- The most memorable moment in your sporting career (the best and the worst):
The most memorable moment of my surfing life is the days when i was surfing in my home on a big spot with the old ones. We arrived in front of the waves in boats and there was 4-5m waves, the pressure was rising ... I managed to take several waves it was the best sensations of my life.

- If you did not surf, what would you do?
I think I would do a team sport, which can be missing in surfing.

- Your dream destination for a surf trip?
Mentawai (indo)

Instagram : @aurelien_buffet
Facebook : Aurélien Buffet


Aurelien Buffet

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