Emma Dubes


- Date of birth: august 7th 1996

- Surname: Nono

- Nationality: Française

- Home spot : La Torche (Plomeur / Finistère)

- Sponsors: Koalition Surf

- Surf since: 10 years

- Favorite trick : Roller frontside in surf and Hang five in longboard

- Favorite board: All Merick Rubble

- Your favorite poncho: Pineapple Purple

- 5 things you always pack with you on a surftrip:
My toothbrush, my smartphone for the photos and videos, my surfboard, my swimsuit and my friends to share the good vibes !

- Le moment le plus marquant dans ta carrière sportive (le meilleur comme le pire) :
The most memorable moment of my sporting course is undoubtedly in competition when I made a podium in the championship of France in longboard, I did not expect it because it was the open category and I was a rookie, this category was composed of the best French longboarders.

- What would you do if you won’t surf?
If I did not surf I would go sailing or swimming, it would be an aquatic activity for sure.

- What is your dream destination ?
Mentawaï !

Instagram : @noemiequere
Facebook : Noémie Quéré


Noémie Quéré

Noémie Quéré

Noémie Quéré

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