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A trip dictated by adventure, in a tropical setting, with sublime landscapes. Does this idyllic setting make you dream? This is what motivates backpackers and maybe you, to go to the four corners of the world!

With the experience of travel, we advise you nevertheless to take into account that the rainy season is frequent and exists mainly and very densely in Southeast Asia and Central America.

But if you are well equipped, the weather doesn't have to be your enemy, quite the contrary.

In our article of the day we are talking to you about our experiences in Bali, this paradisiac Island where we had the chance to drop our suitcases recently.

During the rainy season, the atmosphere of Bali changes and if there is an object that has been unanimously approved by travelers, it is the rain poncho, which will protect you from the elements during your daily travels.

You will very quickly understand when you arrive in Bali that the preferred means of transport for travelers as well as for locals is the scooter.

Indeed, the roads are overcrowded and always busy so moving around by scooter has its many advantages. Firstly, it saves you a lot of time visiting all the spots and second for parking, these are to name just a few. Therefore, you will have more time to enjoy this beautiful island, with a greater feeling of freedom that also costs much less!

Also if you use Gojek or Grab, the mobile applications that are the equivalent of Uber in Bali,, you will prefer to choose scooters cabs to get around every day.

We recommend you to travel with a backpack during your stay. Be aware that on the scooters you can take two bags with you, one on your back and one in front of the driver's legs. This will seem like a lot but they are used to it in Bali, we adapt as long as it works and it is tolerated by the local police.

However, do not bring a rigid suitcase to move around! it’s impossible to carry on the scooter or during your excursions. It will only handicap you during your travels.

Let's come back to our super waterproof poncho, that protects you from the rain and wind, allowing you to adapt to all situations, to enjoy your travels to the fullest whilst staying warm and dry!

But what was most practical for me was that it allowed me to also waterproof my bags when I was riding my scooter, cycling or walking. I just had to cover my bag with it.

Foldable, our After poncho takes up very little space and transforms into a small thin pouch.

It is lightweight and its sturdy fabric with 100% recycled polyester, guarantees a long life. Unlike disposable ponchos, which you can buy at local shops for a lower price but which tear at the slightest wrong movement and which make you look more like you're wearing a big plastic bag.

I've seen a lot of disposable rain ponchos abandoned on the roads in Bali and it's disappointing as plastic waste is a big issue there.

With the Rain Ponchos After Essentials, you will be an eco-friendly traveler and walking or biking in the rain will never have been so cool and fashionable.

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