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Our Story

Our story begins with 3 friends who share the same passion for outdoor activities, nature and board sports.

From this friendship was born AfterEssentials, an eco-responsible company with a simple vision: to ease the transition after each session of board sports, and to offer products to accompany you in these moments of break with comfort and softness: After Surf, After Wake, After Ride, After Snow, After Ski, After Rain, After Yoga, After Sport... After every essential moment!

We decided to design and reinvent the surf poncho, or beach poncho, with high-quality fabric and innovative design to bring style and a dynamic look, while guaranteeing long life.

Thanks to our knowledge, we wanted everyone to find a poncho to suit them. Over 50 references in 5 fabrics covering the needs of a wide target: men, women, children, babies.

We have an extremely wide range of ponchos, distinguished by their creative and fashionable side, such as the travel poncho, the Sofa poncho and the exclusive rain poncho.

And to best meet your needs, we also produce towels, hats, caps and paddles in the same style.

le poncho plage

Beach poncho

It's the ideal accessory for surfers and all water sports enthusiasts, to get dry quickly when you get out of the water, but will also delight all beach lovers.

Easy to put on, our hooded ponchos wrap you entirely in a soft, warm towel and feature open pockets, so you can easily change into your wetsuit or swimsuit, out of sight.

So it's equally at home in the sea, lake or pool.

Poncho de voyage

Travel Poncho

With its microfiber fabric, they give you the advantage of a light, compact, fine, soft material, while guaranteeing fast drying. Perfect for travel!

Poncho for the Rain

Your best asset in case of rain. Waterproof, sturdy and lightweight, they'll protect you from the elements on your bike, scooter, on foot and even at festivals!

Poncho Sofa

Poncho Sofa

Sweet plaid Baby! Your best friend for your Netflix night.
Soft and comfortable, the Indoor Poncho is perfect for cocooning at home!

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